Sovereign Housing

More homes, better places

We’re already one of the largest housing developers in the country, but we want to do more, build more and create more great places to live.

Last year we invested more than £238m to deliver 1,543 homes, with nine out of ten homes available to rent or buy below market levels. This was nearly 30% more homes than the year before.

But we’re going further, taking greater control, building more, building faster – scaling up to build 1,900 well-designed, quality and sustainable homes a year through a more land-led development programme.

We have ambitious plans to build the homes we need. We exist to provide quality, affordable homes, within strong sustainable communities, for people priced out of the housing market. 

As well as making significant investment in new homes every year, we make the most of our relationships with central and local government and our ability to build successful and sustainable partnerships with house-builders, to build the right homes in the right places at the right rent/cost. 

It’s important to us to think carefully about the design and the environmental stability of the places that we create and the neighbourhoods where we have strong connections.

By offering the widest range of flexible housing options, from rented homes through to homeownership, we’re providing a place for the largest variety of people to meet their ever-changing needs.