Residents - at the heart of our business

Resident engagement

When Sovereign and Spectrum merged in November 2016, it was the perfect opportunity to create an innovative and unique resident involvement structure.

We wanted to be able to listen and act on our resident feedback, making sure our residents’ voice was embedded in our governance, scrutiny and community work.

To make sure that the influence of residents was at the heart of our business, we decided they themselves should create the right structure. So we brought together experienced residents from the former organisations, supported by Sovereign's Board, senior managers and an external expert, to jointly create a new approach.

The result is our 'triangle of involvement' which makes sure residents have a key role in the way we're run, the services we provide and how we keep a local focus within our neighbourhoods. From this, we hope this will enable us to continue to provide good quality services, great customer experience and support strong and resilient communities.

Resident board

Resident and Board Partnership

This group helps influence our strategy, policies and service standards, as well as monitoring the quality and performance of our services.

Scrutiny Group
Scrutiny Coordination Group

The main role for this group is to embed and make scrutiny a valued tool for monitoring, managing and developing our services. Residents agree and commission reviews to make sure we're providing quality services and a great customer experience.

Community Engagement Groups

These groups provide a structured place for local conversations and feedback. Residents get involved with larger community and estate projects and we provide support and training to help them become self-sufficient, raise funds and work to improve their area.

Triangle of involvement

Triangle of engagement

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