Sovereign Housing

Our year in review

As a leading housing association, Sovereign has strong foundations, robust finances and great people, but it also has significant untapped potential.

With a new five-year strategy, investing more and re-imagining solutions to old problems, we aim to grow sustainably and really maximise the social impact of everything we do. We can provide more homes, better homes, with services for people priced out of the housing market. But we want to go further, so we’re putting in place plans that will guide us for the next thirty years.

This means rethinking our core service offer. We’ll build a truly customer-focused culture, where our residents are at the heart of our services and every decision we take. So we’re investing more in our homes and reviewing the standard at which we let our properties. We’re trebling our investment in our communities, working alongside our residents to create sustainable and vibrant communities for the long-term. We already take a Housing First approach in a number of areas to tackle homelessness, but we can go further.

We’ll grow, not just through merger, but by taking control and creating really great places to live through large strategic sites and more land-led development. Working in partnership with the public and private sector, we’ll create great places and have a say over the tenure, the pace, the design and the environmental standards of future homes. This also helps with challenges around the quality of some new homes.

And we’ll create a business model that can stand the test of time. This means continuing to invest and transform our services, but thinking about the IT platforms and technical infrastructure we need for today and tomorrow. To achieve our ambitions, we want to inspire our people too, giving them the tools to succeed and growing Sovereign’s reputation as a great place to work. It is clear that they are up for the challenges ahead.

During my first year, as I’ve met with government and partners, I’ve seen the strong reputation and lasting relationships Sovereign has. But I know we can do more, and have an even more influential voice on the issues that matter to our residents, communities and our organisation.

Housing associations have existed for many years, and will play a vital role for decades to come. Therefore, we need to think carefully about the design and the environmental sustainability of the places that we create and the neighbourhoods where we have deep connections. Our services, social action and future development should all contribute to the long-term health and well-being of our residents and neighbours.

As I pass the first anniversary of joining this great business, my overwhelming impression is of an organisation that is ready for this next exciting phase of its development. It is an honour to play a role in its continuing transformation.

Mark Washer

Chief Executive