Sovereign Housing

Excellent engagement

We listen to our customers so we can transform the way we do things to deliver an even greater customer experience. 

Our award-winning approach to resident engagement, known as the ‘triangle of engagement’, ensures residents can help shape our strategies and policies, scrutinise and improve our services and help keep us connected with our communities.

The ‘triangle’ is made up of three groups:

  • Resident & Board Partnership – working with Sovereign’s Board, residents help influence strategy, shaping policy and service standards, quality and performance
  • Scrutiny Coordination Group – agree and carry out scrutiny reviews to help monitor, manage and develop Sovereign’s services 
  • Communities Groups – community engagement groups set up to focus on community action and provide real-time feedback. 
Triangle of engagement

While the Resident Board Partnership helps influence strategy, shape policy and service standards and has an oversight of service quality and performance, the Scrutiny Coordination Group, agrees, commissions and reviews services to make sure we’re providing quality, value for money services and a great customer experience. 

In the last 18 months they’ve reviewed 10 policies resulting in positive outcomes, offering over 300 hours of their time to speak to 80 people about their experiences with us.

Joyce Ward, Chair of the Resident Board Partnership, was recently recruited to the National Housing Association’s Advisory Panel working on their ‘Together with Tenants’ approach. Joyce is a fabulous tenant champion who has shared her experience and talked about our approach to resident engagement on the national stage at conferences including the Tenant Participation Advisory Service and National Housing Federation.